Our Process

Get a Metal Building Foundation Plan in 6 Simple Steps

Project Verification Call

One of our project managers will contact you and get all the detail for your project and the necessary metal building drawings.

Engineering Deposit

Once the scope has been finalized we will ask for a 50% engineering deposit to begin work.

Plans Review

Shortly after receiving your deposit we will send you a set of preliminary drawings for review. These will not be stamped.

Plans Approval

Once you have received the preliminary drawing we ask that you review them and submit your approval. If you notice any errors let us know and we will fix them immediately.

Final Payment

Once you are satisfied with the preliminary drawings we will request final payment.

Receive Final Plans

Once we have received final payment, you will receive an electronic version and a hard “wet set” of drawing will be mailed to you if needed.(extra $130 charge). These will be the final drawings, and will have the engineers stamp.

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